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 Mining Guide F2P by toasty124

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PostSubject: Mining Guide F2P by toasty124   Sat Jun 23, 2012 4:32 am

Mining can be a very tedious and hard skill to train, not only because the small amount of exp you get, also because of the competition between other players for ores. I'm going to tell you the fastest way to lvl up and some nice info that you need to know!

Levels 1-15
Starting off at level 1, you are able to use a bronze and iron pick axe. Go to the G.E in Varrock and purchase an iron pick axe for only 140 coins. In lumbridge swamp, there is a mine with iron and copper. Keep mining those two, and when you have a full inventory, you have 3 choices. Either drop them all and repeat (power leveling), run to the lumby anvil and smith bronze bars then put them in the bank and sell them when you have allot, or make a bronze bar and smith. (smithing exp.) At level 6, you can use a steel pick axe, so go purchase one for around 500 coins. Trust me you'll have faster mining results, which means faster exp, and it going to be a long way till level 21 for the mithril pick axe.

Level 15-60
Now that your level 15 mining, you'll be able to mine iron. This is great training all the way to level 60. There are lots of places to do this, but dangerous as well, and here are some great safe spots. The first is dwarven mine. You can enter through north east falador, represented by a red exclamation mark. Also, in Daemonheim, if you have level 25 crafting and level 25 dungeoneering, you can get the gem bag for 2,000 dungy tokens. What it does, is it puts the gems that you find while mining, in to a pouch. It can hold 100 gems. Now back to where were mining. There are scorpies in there but you can just run right past. If you want to go put it in your bank, just com up and head south east to the bank. Like I said in levels 1-15, you have 3 options, and if you haven't seen it, go look. Once your at level 21, go buy a mithril pickaxe for 640 coins. At level 31, go and buy an adamant pickaxe for 1,800 coins. You'll notice that you can mine coal, but just ignore it. It gives more exp per coal, but at the rate your mining iron, your going to get more exp mining iron in the time you mine 1 coal. At level 41, you can use a rune pickaxe. Go buy one for 19k. In levels 41 to level 60, it's going to be long. Just stay focused and go as fast as you can.

Levels 60-99
Once your at level 60, I recommend you to go to daemonheim, and get your dungeoneering up to level 35, (assuming it isn't) and with 4,000 dungy tokens, go and purchase a coal bag. What it does, is it allows you to store 27 coals, along with the other coal in your inventory, allowing you to have to mine more, and bank less. The place where were going to mine is in the dwarven mines. It is a resource dungeon, and requires level 15 dungy to enter, but it's awesome. On the east side, there is a whole bank of coal, and speaking of banks, there is bank about 6 steps away. All you have to do is take a couple steps, deposit all your coal and start mining. THE COAL BAG IS REFILLABLE. Just get a full inventory, and do it over and over again to 99, and I hope you had fun and liked this guide. BTW, there is pretty much only option you have, which is putting it in the bank. Once you have 99, or any of your desired levels, you can go to the G.E and sell them all for the big bucks! If you have 3k of them, that right there is 714k. Very good profit.

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Mining Guide F2P by toasty124
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