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 Simple Money Making Through Skilling

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PostSubject: Simple Money Making Through Skilling   Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:41 am

This is a simple guide to help you start off your soon to be mountain of a cash stack. Some methods require you to already have some skills or money so be sure to pay attention to the Requirements.

Making Pie Shells
Requirements: Gold (At least 1K)
Items needed: Pastry Dough, Pie Dish (not easy to obtain via GE)
Gold Rates: 400K/Hour

Tanning Dragonhide
Requirements: Gold (At least 10K)
Items needed: Green/Blue/Red/Black Dragonhide
Gold Rates:
Green = 400K/Hour
Blue =500K/Hour
Red = 700K/Hour
Black = 750K/Hour

Summoning Pouches to Scrolls
Requirements: 10+ Summoning
Items needed: Familiar Pouches (Listed Below)
Level 10 - Spirit Spider = 500K/Hour
Level 88 - Unicorn = 1.1M/Hour
Level 96 – Pack Yak = 1.7M/Hour
Level 99 - Steel Titan = 1.9M/Hour

Unfinished Potions
Requirements: 12 Herblore
Maximum Requirements: 72 Herblore
Gold Rates:
Tarromin= 250K/HR
Irit =250K/HR
Avantoe =50K/HR
Cadantine = 180K/HR
Dwarf Weed = 50K/HR

Pro Tips: Use summoning familiars to increase profit by either using a beast of burden to carry extra items or by summoning a Magpie to forage jewelry while you work. Use Scroll of Cleansing to increase your overall profit on making unfinished potions.

NOTE: these are very simple methods for those just starting out and even more experienced players HOWEVER prices and profit are subject to changes.

This guide WILL be removed once I have had time to make proper Skilling for Profit guides.

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Simple Money Making Through Skilling
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